Sales Force Visitation Automation Tools

Manually creating a field force visitation report is not only a very time-consuming job but also an ineffective one. Automation tools on our system can eliminate monotonous tasks, free-up an admin’s time to do a more strategic job rather than compiling data.

Based on our success in creating a visitation automation tools for two multinational companies, in 2018 we create "Visita", a visitation automation tool system that aims to help monitor and analyse company's field force visitation. Using this system, you could manage your field force schedule, monitor their activities in real time, create a report, and see your field force performance.

How it works

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Create a Schedule

Create a visitation schedule for your field force.

Record activities

Your sale forces record their activity using our mobile app. Your sale forces could answer a question or take a picture.

Analyze the Data

Analyze the detail and summary of sale forces' activity on the dashboard in near real-time.

Visita Features

Dashboard Key Feature

  • Custom dashboard based on your business need

  • See a summary of your sales-force activities

  • See field force's performance

  • Export the report to Microsoft Excel

  • Create a schedule for your sale forces

  • Create an activity for sale forces' visitation

  • Multiple roles based on region/groups

  • Export the report to Microsoft Excel

Team Incentive Platform

App Key Features

  • See call/visit score

  • See monthly schedule

  • Browse visitation target using map

  • Checkin and checkout

  • Take a picture or answer a question

  • See visitation historys

  • Export the report to Microsoft Excel

Case Study

Store Visitation Automation

In 2017 until now, our sale force visitation platform has been used to organise sales-force in two of the multi-national companies in Indonesia. sales-force could see their schedule, find the store that should be visited, and input their survey data directly into the apps.

Intuitive Dashboard

Using the website dashboard, admin can see sales-force performance and summary of their visitation, download sales-force activity report as an excel report, and many more.

This system has been a tremendous success that could lessen 80% of the work.

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