Loyalty Program

Loyalty program for your business

Every good marketing team knows that it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. However, how you do it? One of the answers is creating a loyalty program. A loyalty program will help your brand to retain existing customers while at the same time persuade the other to join.

With our success in creating a loyalty program for several major companies, we believe we have the full capabilities to create and deliver the same qualities for your business.

How it works

We have worked with the most awesome company

Input The Data

A user will input the data that determine their reward(e.g. sales data). If you already have a system in place, we could also take data from there.

Get Reward Point

A user will get points based on their purchase. The bigger their purchase, the bigger the reward point. You could also make some product have bigger point than the other.

Redeem the Reward

A user will redeem their reward using their point.

Team Incentive Platform

App Key Features

  • Add data related to team performance (e.g. sales)

  • Article/News

  • Product Knowledge/Store List

  • Sales/Sales History

  • Reward

  • Etc

Visita Features

Dashboard Features

  • See your team performance

  • Create a various report based on your need

  • Filter by group/city/team(and more)

  • Export the report to Microsoft Excel

Beyond Incentive Platform

It's not just incentive platform

In our experience creating incentive platforms for several companies in Indonesia, not only can incentive platform boost consumer loyalty but also create a direct communication with your consumer.

Crafted For Your Business

We believe that every business is unique. To make an effective reward incentive platform our solution will be tailored to your business need and culture. If you have a brand guideline, we will also design the app adhering to the guideline.

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