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A digital agency based in Malang, Indonesia. We create an all-in IT solution for your problems. Check out our products and projects below for reference.

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Our apps are used by millions

We have created apps for national news corporation such as MetroTVNews and Tribunnews. The apps have more than one million download and gained more than four star review.

Creating Enterprise Solution

Over the years, we have developed ARIA (Algostudio Retail Incentive Application), an all-in-one enterprise solution to help business managing their nation-wide sales hassle free. ARIA allows sales tracking and monitor incentive distribution for the front-liners and business manager to track real-time track. We have made this solution available for several multi-national companies and it works great. Contact us for the full story.

We Love Simplicity

Our signature is to always implement simple and yet elegant design in all our apps. We always pay a great attention to detail, leaving no room for hassle for our user. Enjoy our robust functionality that is also pleasing to the eyes.

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