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About Algostudio

Algostudio is a full-service web, mobile application, and game development company established in 2012 with a wide-range set of technology capabilities to deliver what your business needs. We have worked with government agencies and multinational companies to create fantastic products that bring impacts.

In Algostudio, we understand that the meaning of successful project is not only on-time delivery. It is a success when it could solve problems and increase business output. We are not just creating a product; we work together with our clients to develop a solution. Over the years we have helped companies to make more robust business process, create a loyalty program, or help to launch a startup.


All-in-One Solution

With our in-house team of seasoned admin, UI/UX designer, sysadmin, programmer, tester, game developer and artist, we offer a complete package solution from designing, developing, testing the system to handling the customer support. Do you need a custom report for your dashboard? No problem, we will make it for you. Do you need to post a new article? Just send it to us, and we will disseminate it for you.

Just For You

Custom Solution for Your Business

We believe that every business has different rules. That is why even though we have some ready-to use-tools at our disposal, our solution is always uniquely tailored to your business need.

Native Apps

Native Apps Development

All of our apps are developed using native code. We believe by using a native code it will make the app faster and provide better user experience compared to a web app with its make-one-for-all nature.

Our Services

All-In-One Solution for your business need

Website and App Development

From a simple landing page to more complex mapping and survey system.

Sales and Incentive Tracking

Track sales and incentive using our app and see the data in real-time.

Loyalty / Reward Incentive Program

Increase loyalty for your employee, customer, or store.

Website and App Development

From a simple landing page to more complex mapping and survey system.

Sales Force Automation

Track and analyse data for sales force or merchandiser./p>

Customer Support

We will handle the customer support to make a better experience for your user.

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Even though our basecamp is in Malang, but about once a week, we go to Jakarta. Just choose "set up a meeting" button below if you want to inquire more about the solutions and services we provide.